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Oct. 30th CATA Announces 2015-2016 Theme; WALLFLOWERS!

We are pleased to announce the theme for the 2015-2016 CATA program year; WALLFLOWERS. Each year CATA’s Artistic Director, Dawn Lane, conceives of a theme –which is both open to interpretation, yet suggestive–meant to inspire CATA’s artists, faculty and staff. It is serves as a common starting place, from which twists, turns, and detours lead to the creation of work that would not otherwise exist.

 • • •

A wallflower is historically defined as a someone who is shy, awkward; not seen or known. A newer definition suggests it is a person who sees everything, knows a lot, but does not a say word…someone who chooses to observe, instead of experience.

Both of these definitions call attention to human attributes we all possess. There are times we may want to be alone, or at least left alone: and there are times that we very much want and need to feel included.

CATA artists are not wallflowers but they do represent a population that can and does go unseen. The Wallflowers theme is an opportunity to explore poignant art-making that speaks to being part of and apart from, to being noticed and choosing to be or not be seen.  CATA faculty have all encountered CATA artists who appear introverted either by choice or due to their disability. We are committed to recognizing that their presence alone is their contribution, and by honoring that, we bring to the public an awareness that the process can be the product.

The annual theme is meant to evoke curiosity, creativity and encourage varied interpretations. Also note that the word wallflower is a compound word, lending itself to all kinds of visual possibilities! The intersection and division of the abstract and the literal is the uncharted territory of this years theme!

 • • •

I only go out to get me a fresh appetite for being alone. Lord Byron

The limited circle is pure. Franz Kafka