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Oct. 27th CATA Launches 24th Program Year!

2016-2017 Workshop year begins across Berkshire County and now Columbia County, NY

Each September, a new program year begins at CATA–and with it, a new theme to inspire our faculty and CATA artists. In our workshops, we ask tough, creative questions and answer as human beings and artists. This year, we explore the theme Everyday People, asking:

  • Who are you every day?
  • What is your everyday?
  • How is your everyday different from any other human being’s?


No matter who we are, where we live, or what we look like, our everyday includes many of the same routines. In between all our similarities lie morsels of difference; these differences define us as unique beings. CATA artistry is the perfect vehicle to create together amidst our differences and to consider ourselves part of one whole.

In the months ahead, we look forward to sharing with you the inspiration and art that emerges from this year’s theme!

“different strokes for different folks.”
-Sly & Family Stone, Everyday People