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Dec. 31st Top 10 Reasons to Support CATA!

We are deeply grateful for the community support that sustains CATA’s vital programs. Our programs simply couldn’t happen without all of you. Why does your gift matter? Here are our Top Top Reasons to Give to CATA:

Top 10 reasons? How about 600! That’s how many people with disabilities CATA serves across Berkshire and Columbia County each year.

Because you celebrate the notion that the art-smart Berkshires are for everyone!

Because you help six Berkshire County school districts bring the arts to their classrooms for students with special needs.

Because you help us change people’s perceptions and definitions of disability, drawing attention to the ability—and the light—that shines from each of us.

Because you help people like David, Cathy, and Myles participate in highly specialized programs that unleash hidden talents.

Because you sustain CATA’s connection to 39 program partners and cultural settings across our community.

Because you support commissions for CATA artists. Since our beginnings, we’ve proudly written thousands of commission checks to CATA artists whose paintings and drawings have sold during art exhibits.

Because at CATA, you get two for one: you support artists with disabilities AND the faculty artists who teach them—all working artists in our community.

Because you know that everyone has a voice to share, a song to sing, and a story to tell!

Because we can’t CATA without YOU. Your donations underwrite more than 50% of CATA’s work, making possible essential subsidies and scholarships for people with limited financial capacity.