CATA Writers Workshop: A Winter Reading


What do a rock star, a mechanic, and CATA have in common? The CATA Writers Workshop!


Our Writers Workshop closed out the year with an informal reading for their friends and classmates at the CATA Studio. Each CATA writer took the stage to share their creative work based on interviews they conducted with members of the community. Hannah found common ground with a police officer, Louisa explored the job of a social worker, and Ali got a glimpse into the life of a rock star—local musician Tom Ingersoll!

(CATA writers Louisa, Ali and Hannah interview members of the community)

Tyler interviewed Trevor, a motorcycle mechanic at Treyson Racin’ in Sheffield, about the sights and sounds of his work:

“I am interested in the job of a motorcycle mechanic because I like how motorcycles sound and I like the idea of getting them ready for the street. I imagine it is very loud in the garage.

I told him I liked the sounds of bikes. He said there’s definitely a lot of frequencies going back and forth in his garage. He asked if I liked the sound of 2 stroke engines or 4 strokes better.

There were a lot of noises in the garage: motorcycle engines, throttles, men and women talking. There was no music playing. I smelled gasoline and food.”


(CATA writers get a round of applause from their peers at the final Fall Writers Workshop)

In the CATA Writers Workshop, writers with disabilities meet weekly to hone their creative writing skills, stretch their vocabulary and find their own voice. The workshop is led by a trio of CATA faculty who offer inventive writing prompts and a rich, varied curriculum. Some writers work one-on-one with CATA “scribes,” who help them commit ideas to paper.

CATA workshops and public events are possible only because of you. Your support brings the power of creative expression to hundreds of people with disabilities. Thank you!

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