Your support has led us to a milestone anniversary!

When CATA held its first Arts In / Arts Out workshops in 1993, founder Sandra Newman sought to unleash the creative talents of people with disabilities, using the arts to connect them with the wider community.

25 years later, your support for CATA has created extraordinary opportunities for hundred of people with disabilities. We have been able to nurture the creativity of our CATA artists only because of people like YOU who have championed our mission of inclusion.

To fuel CATA’s 25th year, we’re exploring a theme of CATAISFACTION—celebrating everything that fulfills and satisfies!

We have all witnessed the powerful transformation that happens when the creativity of a person with disabilities is tapped. That transformation impacts everyone from artists and caregivers to families and community.

Together we can make this a year full of CATAisfaction, brimming with fantastic and wild evidence of all things that satisfy!