Program Partners

Our work is deeply collaborative. We partner with 50 organizations—residences, day programs, schools, and nursing homes—to bring arts programs to 800 people with disabilities.


Our program partners include:

Image description: A map of Berkshire County, MA with stars across the map representing CATA program partners.

Berkshire County Arc (BCArc) 

Berkshire Family & Individual Resources (BFAIR)

Berkshire Hills Regional School District 

Berkshire Service Group

Blue Q

Cadmus Lifesharing Association 

Central Berkshire Regional School District 

College Internship Program

Columbia County Arc (Coarc) 

Dalton CRA


High Spirit Community Farm

Hoosac Valley Regional School District

Integritus Healthcare

Leander House 

Lee Middle & High School

Lenox Memorial Middle & High School

Nonotuck Resource Associates, Inc. 

North Adams Public Schools

Oakdale Residences 

Oak Lodge 

Pittsfield Public Schools 

Riverbrook Residence 


Southern Berkshire Regional School District

Stanton Home 

Taconic Hills Central School District

UCP of Western Massachusetts

List updated annually (last updated May, 2022)

Massachusetts Cultural Council

Community Access to the Arts is proud to be supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.



MCC’s UP Inclusive Design Initiative

Community Access to the Arts is a MCC UP Organization. MCC’s UP Inclusive Design Initiative seeks to inspire organizations to use design to anticipate and accommodate the full spectrum of human ability. UP is Universal Participation.