Support CATA Through a Gift in Your Will— and Leave a Legacy of Kindness

Support CATA Through a Gift in Your Will— and Leave a Legacy of Kindness

CATA donors Matthew Heim (left) and Heather Wells Heim (right) stand together smiling

^ CATA donors Heather Wells Heim and Matthew Heim are proud to support CATA through a gift in their will. “It shows what’s important to us, and it strengthens our values.”

From the moment Heather Wells Heim saw her first CATA performance, she was hooked.

“It was immediate: I was a believer. The whole performance was riveting and artistically satisfying. And just profoundly hopeful.” After the show, she found a board member and told him she wanted to help. “Whatever CATA needed, I wanted to do it. I was completely in.”

It’s CATA dedication to creative opportunity and artistic excellence that makes her proud to be a supporter.

“CATA immerses people in the arts who might not otherwise have the opportunity. You just don’t see this anywhere else— especially with this level of artistic integrity.”

Three people sit in a row playing drums. They are on stage, smiling, each wearing a shirt that says "Nexus"

^ CATA artists Cathy Lemay (center) and Doug Magoon (right) perform with The CATA Beat drummers. Your legacy gift ensures that CATA artists will share their talents for years to come. (photo by Christina Lane)

Knowing how meaningful that first performance was for her, Heather encourages people to dive in and see CATA’s work firsthand. “I don’t think people anticipate how transformed they’ll be. Every time I go to a CATA performance, art exhibit, or poetry reading, I grow spiritually— and emotionally. It’s powerful.”

And that’s why Heather and Matthew became CATA donors. “By giving, we’re making a statement that these are our values: kindness, inclusion, and the celebration of ability.”

Having seen the impact of their support, the decision to make a gift in their will was an easy one.

“Giving to CATA through our will shows what’s important to us. And it strengthens our values.”

Now, those values are a part of their legacy.

Thinking back over her many experiences with CATA, Heather is still inspired by one visit to a CATA painting workshop. “I was so touched by the positivity and generosity the artists gave to me when I was having trouble with my painting. The fact that we try together and grow together— that’s what CATA is about.”

Be like Heather and Matt: Include CATA in your will!

By including CATA in your will, trust, or estate plans, you create a lasting legacy that changes the lives of people with disabilities. Legacy gifts bring creative opportunities to future generations of CATA artists, regardless of their income or financial restrictions.

No matter your age or income, a gift in your will is an easy and powerful way to make a difference.

For information on CATA’s bequest program, email Alex Heddinger (Development Director) at [email protected] or call us at 413-528-5485. CATA’s tax ID is EIN #04-3196265.