Why CATA Needs Our Support Now


CATA donors Pat and Dennis Hogan know first-hand why CATA matters—now more than ever.

Having seen how the arts make a difference in the lives of CATA artists, Pat Hogan—an accomplished artists and teacher, known for her work in watercolor—joined CATA’s faculty in 1997. And soon after, she and her husband Dennis became donors to make sure people with disabilities across our community had access to CATA programs.

Now during this time of crisis, with CATA artists longing for connection and a creative outlet, that need is more clear than ever.

“I see how deeply CATA artists appreciate our programs—how much joy we create for them. Each day I spend at CATA, I come home happy. Anyone who comes to CATA feels it.”

“People with disabilities have often been overlooked and underserved,” says Dennis. “CATA connects them with the community.”

For Pat and Dennis, making the leap from being CATA fans to donors was easy.

“It’s more than just giving back,” says Dennis. “CATA gives us the opportunity to support people with disabilities in finding their creative voice.”

“And that’s part of why we also included CATA in our wills,” says Pat. “We want to help make CATA’s work go on. I can’t think of a better use in the community.”

As a Faculty Artist, Pat sees exactly how support like theirs makes a difference for CATA artists.

“A few months ago, I was working with a CATA artist named Connie. I could tell when she came in that she wasn’t having a great day. But when she left she was on cloud nine. You can’t walk out of a CATA workshop without a smile on your face.”

“CATA’s mission matches our own: to make the community a better place for everyone.”

“CATA makes joy happen,” says Dennis. “Seeing CATA artists stand proudly next to their artwork, or the smile on their face when they’re on stage. We’re lucky to have CATA in our community.”

“I wish I could take anyone who doesn’t know CATA—or thinks they know CATA—and bring them to a workshop. Or to the gala or an art show. Any place to see the work in action—the connection and happiness we create. To see we’re all in this community together.

We need your support to keep bringing life-changing programs to CATA artists. Please join us by making a gift today.