CATA Artists Celebrate W.E.B. Du Bois Through Art


In honor of the first annual W.E.B. Du Bois Legacy Day in Great Barrington, MA, CATA artists are celebrating the visionary leader through art!

Thanks to the work of Gwendolyn VanSant (CEO and Founding Director of Multicultural BRIDGE) and the W.E.B. Du Bois Legacy Committee, Du Bois’ birthday is now officially recognized in Great Barrington annually on February 23. To mark the occasion, artists in CATA’s Portrait Making workshop—led by CATA Faculty Artist Chalice Mitchell—have created a series of paintings and drawings celebrating Du Bois’ legacy as a writer, teacher, and civil rights activist. Click below to view the portraits:

From left: 1) Natasha Lorick with her portrait; 2) portrait by Natasha Lorick; 3) portrait by Andrew LaPatin; 4) portrait by Colin Grossman; 5) portrait by Ethan Margolis; 6) artist Eric Schumann with his portrait; 7) portrait by Eric Schumann; 8) CATA faculty artist Chalice Mitchell with her portrait; 9) portrait by CATA faculty artist Chalice Mitchell

Join the Du Bois Celebration:

Tune in Tuesday, February 23 at 7pm for Timeless Messages of Protest & Prophecy, a virtual Du Bois celebration led by Multicultural BRIDGE & The Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center, where you’ll see portraits by CATA artists and our own faculty artist Chalice Mitchell!


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