The View from Here: CATA at Berkshire Botanical Garden


“The View from Here”
Berkshire Botanical Garden’s Leonhardt Galleries
5 W Stockbridge Rd (Rt. 102), Stockbridge, MA 01262 (map)

EXHIBIT: March 3 – 26, 2023 (FREE)
Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Sunday, 11am – 3pm
RECEPTION: March 9 from 3-5pm

See “Know Before You Go” below for information about accessibility, parking, and more.

THE VIEW FROM HERE features a stunning collection of paintings and drawings inspired by nature, created by artists with disabilities from Community Access to the Arts (CATA). A free, opening reception will be held on Thursday, March 9 from 3-5pm.

The 30+ paintings and drawings featured in the exhibit were created through Community Access to the Arts’ year-round workshops serving children, teens, and adults with disabilities. Some of the works were created on​-​site​ at Berkshire Botanical Garden​ as part of a​n ongoing​ partnership between CATA and BBG, while others were created by CATA artists ​at day programs and residences serving people with disabilities, as well as in CATA’s studios in Great Barrington. The exhibit includes botanical studies, landscapes, and abstract paintings, each ranging widely in stylistic expression and scale of size.

All paintings are available for sale! Buy stunning artwork and support CATA artists. Every work sold provides a commission to the individual artist and supports CATA’s life-changing programs. To purchase artwork, please contact Amy Butterworth (Office Manager, Berkshire Botanical Garden) at [email protected].

“The View from Here” is made possible thanks to Frames on Wheels, the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and generous supporters like YOU. CATA thanks the Berkshire Botanical Garden for their partnership and support in making this exhibit possible.

Click the artwork below to preview the exhibit:



Know Before You Go:


The Berkshire Botanical Garden Center House Galleries and bathrooms are wheelchair accessible. Chairs and benches are available in the gallery and reception area.

Free, accessible parking is available in the main parking lot, across the street from the Berkshire Botanical Garden “Center House”  (the red and tan building where CATA’s exhibit is taking place). A gravel path leads from the parking lot to a crosswalk, which will take you across the street to the Center House. Visitors can also pull into the short Center House driveway to unload, before continuing on to park across the street. During the Opening Reception on March 9, 2023, friendly Berkshire Botanical Garden staff will assist visitors with parking and entry to the gallery.

Please note that cell service is limited in the gardens and galleries.

When arriving at the Berkshire Botanical Garden from Main Street in Stockbridge, the entrance to the parking lot will be on your left. When driving from West Stockbridge, the parking lot will be on your right.

From the parking lot, a gravel path will lead you to a cross walk, which will take you from the parking area to the Center House, where CATA’s exhibit is on display (see photo below).

When you enter the Center House, you will see a beautiful “living” wall (see photo below). To your right will be a visitor’s desk to check in, and to your left will be CATA’s exhibit in the Leonhardt Gallery.

Image description: A gravel pathway leads to a crosswalk. Across the street is the Center House at Berkshire Botanical Garden.

From the main parking lot, a gravel pathway leads to a crosswalk. Across the street is the Center House.

Image description: Green plants growing decoratively on a "living wall" in the BBG entryway.

The main entry at Berkshire Botanical Garden. CATA’s exhibit will be to your left, and a welcome desk will be to your right.


Image description: A gallery with big windows and art hanging on the walls

The Leonhardt Galleries, where CATA’s exhibit will take place.

Your support helps to share the talents of CATA artists with our community. Please join us by making a gift today.