CATA held up as model by Barr Foundation


Thanks to the support of our community, CATA has become a model for community arts engagement. And the Barr Foundation thinks so too! We’re excited to share this story from the Barr Foundation spotlighting CATA. The article holds CATA up as a model for other nonprofits because of our bold response to the pandemic and our commitment to our community.

We hope you’ll take a moment to read the story:

Image of a CATA artist with the Barr Foundation logo and text reading "How a Berkshire County arts organization defied the odds"

We know that Barr Foundation sets a high bar for the nonprofits they support. It means a lot to have CATA recognized in this way!

For the past five years, CATA has been a member of the Barr-Klarman Massachusetts Arts Initiative (BKMAI). This program has given CATA resources and training to become even stronger and more nimble so we can keep meeting the needs of people with disabilities across our community.

We’re proud that Barr is recognizing CATA as a nonprofit model, with innovative programs for people with disabilities, rooted in strong community relationships and thoughtful strategic planning.

Thank you for reading—and for all you do to m ake CATA possible. We could not do this work without you!


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