“CATA is more than an organization. It’s a movement.”

A headshot of Caitlin and Mitch Nash standing in front of a grey background.

Caitlin & Mitch Nash (photo by Bill Wright)

Mitch and Caitlin Nash have a passion for making their community “the best it can be.” When they first encountered CATA’s work over 20 years ago, they jumped right in to make a difference.

“There’s a strong social justice element to CATA’s work,” say Mitch and Caitlin. “That really spoke to us. Everyone should have the opportunity to create and know that their talents are valued.”

Mitch and Caitlin have been supporters since CATA’s early days: Caitlin has taught visual arts workshops, Mitch has served on the board, and they both served as Gala co-chairs. Seeing the impact of the programs, Mitch soon started offering CATA workshops to his employees with disabilities at Blue Q, the off-beat gift manufacturer that Mitch runs with his brother Seth.

“CATA is like an essential vitamin or mineral,” says Mitch. “The benefits linger long after the workshops. People feel grounded and appreciated, and their self-esteem is stronger. CATA yields happier people.”

“CATA helps us see art and disability in a new way”, says Caitlin. “Nobody should be underestimated. Everyone’s on the same footing with their ability to create. It’s joyous seeing barriers and differences slip away when CATA artists are given that opportunity.”

At every CATA event, Mitch and Caitlin see first-hand how their generosity is making a difference.

“Whenever we go to a CATA exhibit or performance, we think— Wow, our support’s really making that happen! You see how you are helping to enrich the lives of other human beings.”

“It makes us feel good to know that our funds are being used wisely. We’re proud to be part of helping CATA thrive and make a difference for people in our community.”

“CATA is a movement as much as it is an organization. At CATA, everyone’s got an equal seat at the table. And the whole community benefits.”


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