“Intro to CATA” Program

CATA artist pointing to a painting in a gallery

We want to share CATA programs and creativity with everyone who is interested!


If you are a person with a disability—or the family member or caregiver of a person with disabilities—and you are interested in CATA programs, please call us at (413) 528-5485 or email Kara at [email protected].

Intro to CATA:

CATA has created an “Intro to CATA” program for anyone interested in knowing more. This program includes:

• Two personalized sessions (20 minutes each) where you can talk directly with CATA staff to find out about creative programs for people with disabilities, ask any questions you have, and start exploring art forms! No prior experience is necessary!


• The chance to try CATA workshops in any art forms that interest you—dance, painting, acting, yoga, juggling, music, creative writing, and more—in a group workshop led by a professional artist. You’ll get to meet other CATA artists with disabilities and have fun creating art together!


• An art kit full of supplies and activities for you to begin an exciting art project for all ages and levels.

An example of a CATA art kit: a brown bag with a set of watercolor paints, paint brushes, pasels, and a red water cup.
A young CATA artist in a wheelchair playing a maraca
“CATA makes me feel happy, grateful, and passionate. I enjoy doing my Art.  I get to express myself and my feelings.” –CATA Artist



“My daughter lives for CATA. I want to thank CATA for the joy it brings both my daughter and me.” —CATA Parent


The published cost for the two personalized sessions is $80; for each group workshop is $25 per person; and for the art kit is $50.


Fees can be waived. Please be sure to let us know if cost is a barrier.


All communication will be kept confidential and no documentation is required. Participants referred through Macony Pediatrics will receive these services at no cost through the Massachusetts Cultural Council’s CultureRx program.


Interested? Contact CATA at (413) 528-5485 or email Kara Smith at [email protected].