YOU Can Make it Happen!
A New Home for CATA…

With your help, CATA is building a beautiful, fully accessible new home, which will bring creativity to life for more artists with disabilities than ever before.


THE CATA FORWARD CAPITAL CAMPAIGN is the first ever capital campaign for Community Access to the Arts. You have helped make us a unique organization at the cutting edge of art and disability. Now we need your help to move CATA forward toward an ever brighter future.


For 26 years, CATA has rented a small office and studio in two adjoining buildings. Your support has helped us achieve incredible growth in our cramped quarters. This past year alone, we served 800 artists with disabilities, presented 1,500 arts workshops, and hosted dozens of performances, art exhibits, poetry readings, and other events.


But now we have reached a pivotal point. We simply can’t sustain our work without more space. We’re turning to you, our community, to help us create a home for CATA— a vibrant, fully accessible home that brings creativity to life for more artists than ever before.


And what’s more, we’re also launching the CATA Forward Program Fund to expand programs for artists with disabilities all across our community. Your gift to the Campaign means more opportunities for CATA artists— from Great Barrington to Pittsfield to North Adams and beyond.

There’s still time to be part of this exciting project! For more information or to make a gift, contact Alex Heddinger at 413-528-5485 or email [email protected]

Support the CATA Forward Capital Campaign, and you’ll give CATA a home where…

Dan lights up the stage…

Photo of smiling CATA artist Dan wearing a Shakespearean costume and holding a skull

Sarah finds her joy…

Photo of CATA artist Sarah, smiling and wearing an apron while working on artwork

Teresa shares her creative spirit…

Photo of CATA dancer Teresa, smiling on stage wearing a black costume

By supporting this campaign, you’re changing the lives of hundreds of artists with disabilities.


You’re giving a creative voice to people who for too long, were ignored or unheard. You’re making a difference for youth, teens, adults, and elders. You’re proclaiming that every person matters and deserves to be honored for their abilities.


Open the door for the next generation of CATA artists…



A beautiful building on a bustling stretch of Stockbridge Road in Great Barrington.


Artists with disabilities are gathering from across our community. Inside, some artists enter a visual arts and writing studio, ready to unleash their talents onto paper or canvas. Others take an elevator to a performing arts studio to explore acting, dance, juggling, yoga, drumming, and more. Artists, faculty, and volunteers mingle in a fully-accessible lounge. Downstairs in the office, CATA staff launch new creative programs and partnerships.


Zoom out a little, and you’ll see CATA artists in schools, day programs, and residences in Pittsfield, Lee, Dalton, North Adams, Hudson, and beyond. Because of your support, they’re tapping into their creative spirit.

Campaign Objectives

A New Home for CATA



CATA’s new home will more than double our existing space, where 90% of workshops are at capacity. With two beautiful new studios— one for visual arts and writing, and one for dance and performing arts— more artists with disabilities will find their creative voice.



A model of Universal Design, CATA’s fully accessible new home will welcome everyone, starting with a garden path that lets everyone enter the building together, whether walking or in a wheelchair.



For the first time, CATA’s studios and office will be under the same roof, with an office suite, conference room, and up-to-date technology creating a headquarters for staff to launch partnerships across the Berkshires.



A Facility Reserve Fund will support capital replacement needs over the long term so CATA can protect its new home for years to come.



The CATA Forward Program Fund


But of course, CATA is far more than just a building! It’s our dynamic programs all across the community that change lives for hundreds of CATA artists each year.


The CATA Forward Program Fund will fuel program growth for the next 5-7 years in our new home and in schools, day programs, and residences across our community. Although over 800 people with disabilities already participate in CATA workshops, we know there are many more who could benefit from our innovative programming.


By supporting this campaign, you’ll bring exciting pilot programs and new arts forms to CATA artists everywhere.

Campaign Figures

Facilities & Equipment


New art studios and office headquarters (acquisition, design, demolition, construction, equipment, technology, furnishings).


Facilities Reserve Fund


Seed fund to support long-term capital replacement costs.


CATA Forward Program Fund


Supports pilot programs in our new home and in schools, day habilitation programs, and residences across Berkshire County and Columbia County to fuel program expansion over the next 5-7 years.


Campaign Administration


Campaign Goal


Join us and be part of this exciting transformation! For more information or to make a gift, contact Alex Heddinger at 413-528-5485 or email [email protected]

CATA Forward Capital Campaign Steering Committee:


Claudia Perles Co-Chair

Heather Wells Heim Co-Chair

State Senator Adam Hinds Honorary Co-Chair

State Representative Smitty Pignatelli Honorary Co-Chair

Margaret Keller CATA Executive Director

Nancy Reeves Campaign Consultant

Sandy Baron • Janet Egelhofer • Joan Hunter • Mitch Nash • Natalie Johnsonius Neubert • Carol Riordan • Frank Russell • Steve Shatz • Virginia Stanton Smith