CATA in the Schools

“CATA helps instill my students with confidence. They can talk to people. They can be independent. They know they have something to give.”



CATA in the Schools provides arts workshops to students with disabilities in area high schools and middle schools. Many of these students do not participate in mainstream art classes and, without CATA, would have little exposure to the arts in their curriculum. To meet the need caused by the coronavirus pandemic, CATA has reinvented in-person workshops as vibrant, multi-week virtual programs in a variety of art forms, including painting, writing, acting, drumming, singing and songwriting, yoga, juggling, dance, and more.


In many cases, CATA provides additional support as students transition out of high school, working with special education teachers on I.E.P.’s (Individual Education Plans) and offering continued access to CATA workshops after graduation. Students in high schools represent the next generation of CATA artists.

Middle School CATA artist Owen proudly holds his painting that we created in a CATA workshop
Your support helps young CATA artists like Owen explore new techniques in painting, dance, music, yoga, and more.

Thanks to you, CATA partners with 7 school districts across Berkshire County, including:


Adams-Cheshire Regional School District
Berkshire Hills Regional School District
Central Berkshire Regional School District
Lee Public Schools
Lenox Public Schools
Pittsfield Public Schools
Southern Berkshire Regional School District

In 2019-2020, CATA is providing VSA Arts Connect All Workshops through CATA in the Schools, under a contract with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. That means your support will go further to bring arts programs to students with disabilities across the Berkshires!