Catadirect Crafts

“The joy and sense of community at CATAdirect, everyone helping each other and having so much fun— it’s irreplaceable.”



CATAdirect brings together individuals with disabilities and community volunteers to create beautiful, handcrafted products, which are sold to provide commissions to artists and to share CATA’s mission.

Your support connects CATA artists with community members in our CATAdirect Crafts Cooperative.

Where can I buy CATAdirect products?


CATAdirect products can be purchased in CATA’s office and online shop, as well as in many local retailers, such as:


Berkshire Co-Op Market · Berkshire Museum · The Bookloft · Chatham Real Food Market · Corner House Antiques · Happy Valley · Inner Space Outsider Art Gallery · Kripalu · Lenox Print & Mercantile · MacKimmie Co. · MASSMoCA · One Mercantile · Passiflora Home · Red Lion Inn Shop · Shaker Workshops · Tradewinds



How do I become a CATAdirect retailer?


We are always interested in working with new retail partners to support our CATAdirect crafts cooperative. Please contact Kara Smith at 413-528-5485 or [email protected] to discuss the CATAdirect product line and hear more about the program.



I want to host a CATAdirect party!


Introduce your friends and family to CATA’s unique products in the comfort of your own home. You’ll be supporting CATA in the most fundamental way by personally introducing your guests to the artistry of people with disabilities. We’ll bring the merchandise and everything you need for a fun sales party. Your friends will discover many unique gifts where every purchase supports the CATAdirect program and CATA artists earn commission on sales. Contact Kara Smith at 413-528-5485 or [email protected] to make arrangements.



How do I volunteer at CATAdirect?


To learn about volunteer opportunities, contact Kara Smith at [email protected]. In addition to our wonderful team of individual volunteers, several community organizations volunteer with CATAdirect to bring our handcrafted products to life, including:


College Internship Program/CIP Berkshires
Montessori School of the Berkshires
Bard College at Simons Rock