The Art Cart

“The Art Cart gives this population the chance to truly be “elders”—people whose wisdom is heard, respected, and treasured.”



Rooted in a strong respect for elders and their history, The Art Cart program uses the expressive power of the arts to inspire nursing home residents to share their life stories and talents.


A CATA faculty artist leads group workshops in music or works one-on-one with elders to share songs, poems, and stories. The Art Cart forges profound and often therapeutic connections for an older population, including those with Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as patients in rehabilitation.

The Art Cart Troubadours



Each year as part of our Annual Performance, CATA’s team of “Art Cart Troubadours” perform an original song inspired by the words and memories of elders from Berkshire Healthcare residences. Through their performances, the Art Cart Troubadours bring the stories of our elders to the wider community.

Video: The Art Cart Troubadours perform “Happy Singing With You”— an original song inspired by the voices and words of elders who take part in CATA’s Art Cart program.