Poetry Reading

CATA’s annual Poetry Reading spotlights the revelatory work of writers with disabilities who hone their skills throughout the year in CATA’s Writer’s Workshop. Hosted in partnership with The Mount, this dynamic event honors the voices of people with disabilities and amplifies a perspective that many people wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to encounter.

i will have wings
by Franny Brown

My body is inside me.

My chest, my heart, air.

I imagine sometimes that I would fly

like a ball that somebody threw.

I will have wings

and I will touch the ground.

And fly some more.


art by Kellie Ward
i’d like to try
by Scott Thomas


I’m proud

that I did not give up

on true love.


I’m also proud to be an uncle.


I’m scared of

the dark,

of skunks,

of dying, and

of not knowing where people are.


Things I’d like to try include

being famous,

driving a car and

having a family of my own.


art by David Gardner

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