Gallery wall with three paintings and a sculpture of a duck holding pom-poms
Click on each painting below to see a larger image:
Red tempera painted background. A yellow creature with a circular body is at the top of the page, with 4 long black thin and curved leg lines coming out from each side. Lines go from the body to the bottom of the page. On each leg are 4 to 5 gray circles spaced down the line.

Richie Morcie
Peacock in Pink, 2020
mixed media on paper
20” x 16”

Abstract peacock mixed-media piece on a white background. A small bird head on top of page in the center is drawn with black Sharpie. Connected to the head is a body shaped in a large arch and painted different shades of pink. The bird's body fills the bottom 3/4 of the page. On the top corners are Sharpie-drawn circles, with more circles layered underneath the pink body.

Tina Rochester
Peacock, 2020
mixed media on paper
20″ x 16″

Abstract painting, dark colors, green, white, red, and pink

Beth Ann Murray
Earth, 2017
Acrylic on canvas
23” x 18”

Mixed media bottle sculpture resembling a duck. Creature has navy painted fabric around the body with white polka dots and a heart in the center, two light-pink fabric roses are glued on as feet, two red arms with tufts of yellow yarn as arms. The creature's neck is painted with horizontal stripes of yellow and pink, it has a black head with a googly eye and a yellow painted beak.

Kelsey Fontana
Untitled, 2021
mixed media sculpture


Included in this year’s exhibit are a selection of fun and whimsical sculptures that were created by CATA artists using recycled materials. At the Lichtenstein, each sculpture was displayed alongside paintings that paired well with one another. Here, a sculpture by Kelsey Fontana is paired with surrealist portraits of peacocks by Richie Morcie and Tina Rochester, as well as a stunning abstract painting by Beth Ann Murray.


Beth created her painting using an adaptive technique called “Artistic Realization Technologies” (or A.R.T.). This method allows artists with disabilities to control the entire creative process with the aid of an assistant, using a laser pointer to show exactly how they want to move the brush on the canvas (click the video below to see A.R.T. in action).


“A.R.T.” Video
“A.R.T.” Video

Your gift today brings arts programs to CATA artists. Please join us by supporting this work!

Your gift today brings arts programs to CATA artists. Please join us by supporting this work!


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